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There are times when mental discipline does no good at all.

It reminded me of this Dilbert cartoon, although in a somewhat more painful way...

Good work, Ben!

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This is one of the most awful situations I've seen Ben and Dani get into. They took out six bogans with their TKD skills, but with an angry wolf pack ready to scoff the lot, right now they and the Jaegermonds are needing a powerful Deus-ex-Jenner. Can't wait to see what happens.
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In a previous post, I described Doc Rat's unintentional posting of a week's worth of strips.

I notified Dr. J by email, and he wrote back that he had had an unfortunate date glitch while uploading, coupled with a rare absence of his webmaster to fix the problem. He indicated, however, that he thinks he has fixed the issue by himself, and from what I can see, it's back to normal. I was reminded of this passage from The Thirteen Clocks by James Thurber: "Tinkers and tinkerers and a few wizards who happened by tried to start the clocks with tools or magic words, or by shaking them and cursing, but nothing whirred or ticked." I had this great vision of Jenner mumbling incantations over his server, or perhaps listening to it with a stethoscope. I wish I could draw what I see... Shaking things and cursing - that's my preferred repair style.

Jenner closed with, "Some people have had a sneak peek of the coming week's story. Ah, well, call it a teaser. Just when the story's about to get really exciting!"

I love the one-off jokes, but I really love the arcs, and Jenner is a great storyteller.
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Not sure what happened, but an entire week of strips just went up at Doc Rat, through 2 September. Assuming it's a glitch, so I won't post the images here, but it was a surprise for sure.
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Quite a tense moment in today's Doc Rat. Never seen him do such a gripping end-of-week strip.
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Well, at least Ben's happy. Dani's going to have to get used to the idea of rug rats...

Doc Rat

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We don't have enough to reject your claim yet.

Insurance companies bite the wax tadpole, as a general rule.
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Tomorrow I begin training with my new company, Eleutian. I will be teaching English to students in China, Korea and Japan (and elsewhere, most likely) via web-conferencing technology. I'm excited by the prospects.

I will not, however, be teaching this kind of English.

More details as the adventure continues.
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No cigar, but I was on the right track.

Turns out "Bh'angh-hruront pwúl-plobba!" means "Incautiously-romancing fox-trollop." I figured it would have something to do with illicit sex and carnivores...

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In my last post, I wondered what the ultimate lapine insult really sounded like. Using some basic linguistic principles of euphony, I came up with "Simbioth Gruata". As it turns out, the actual phrase is

"Bh'angh-hruront pwúl-plobba!"

As Dani described it, the "gh" is a pharyngeal fricative, probably voiced, and the ú indicates a rising tone.

And for lapine, a language full of light, smooth front vowels and sibilant consonants, a phrase like this which is chock-full of back vowels, aspirated consonants, harsh fricatives and long stops is just downright uncharacteristic and harsh.

Probably means "Your mother is a meat-eater and mates with badgers!" or some such...

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What would be the ultimate Lapine insult?

We all know Dani has a fierce temper when she's riled - six bogans found that out the hard way. However, even though Dani was romantically involved with a rabbit and learned more about their culture than the council of elders would ever have approved of, she's not a rabbit - she's a rat. This particular turn of phrase is probably so offensive that a rabbit would never have said it to a loved one, no matter how egregious the screw-up.

So never, never say "Simbioth Gruata!" in public.
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The rabbits may be a secretive and clannish bunch, but they seem to have a very strict sense of honor and decency.

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Flopsy Jaegermond was not ashamed of being a wolf who loved a rabbit. He honored his heart, and look what it got him!

Doc Rat

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He just had a very good glass of water.

Onya, Ben
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So now Dani is reading Ben's thoughts. Well, not that it would be so difficult...

Doc Rat

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"We've already chosen each other."
A scrap of paper.
A formality.

I know just how Ben feels.
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Wow. Not many cartoonists play with language. Paul Taylor has made a foray into it with his Glyph language:

(Ôth grê yôäth is a great thing to say when you slam your finger in a car door)

and there may be a few others, but I was quite impressed to see a bit of Leporine.

Doc Rat

On that note, I forgot to take note of the fact that on Sunday, Jenner posted his 1,000th Doc Rat strip.

Congratulations, Jenner!

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Whoops. I guess you should never joke about Secret Bunny Business... sounds pretty serious.
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Ben and Dani take the plunge, sweetly and with the greatest of tastefulness.

Doc Rat


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