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With many thanks to [ profile] scottrell001 who sent me the individual snaps, I share a few panoramæ showing views from his balcony. I only cheated on a few corners to fill in parallax gaps - otherwise, what you see is what he saw.


Interesting shot of houses far away, reflecting the light of the sun

Oi! Oi! Oi!
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Left too late to take a decent walk, but ended up doing 4.5 miles with a respectable aerobic workout, huffing up into the foothills. On the way up I passed a street designation in the concrete (common up in the Avenues of Salt Lake) that someone had decided to decorate with Pyracantha berries - I thought it was charming:

My son called me when I was overlooking the valley, and asked if I wanted to go do dinner and a movie, so I snapped a few quick pix:

The Great Salt Lake from the northern foothills

The Salt Lake City Center

Foothills with Sunflowers

It was kind of a hazy day so the shots aren't the best, plus all I had with me was my phone-cam, but they give a flavor of what I saw this afternoon.

My some drove up into the avenues to pick me up, and we went to dinner at a Thai restaurant - I gave this one a "B-" - and then went and saw "9", which I had seen last week, but enjoyed it again because he hadn't seen it. His assessment was similar to mine - he liked the effects, but came away feeling unsatisfied with the story as a whole. However, we saw some previews for some awesome-looking films that are on the must-see list.
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While on my bushwhacking trek I stopped to take a stereograph of a particularly beautiful scene - did this without a tripod so the parallax was my best guess, but it turned out pretty well.

Cross-eye Stereogram, City Creek Canyon

Red-Blue Anaglyph (Large)
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(If you have GoogleEarth, you can use the embedded coordinates to get an idea of the terrain I traversed.)

Instead of walking from home, today I drove up the canyon to the end of the road (40°49'31.58"N, 111°47'26.82"W) and purposed to walk as far into the canyon as I was able.

Travelog under the cut )
Very tired, but satisfied with where I went and what I saw.


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