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Sep. 10th, 2012 10:38 pm
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Boarding Cards October 1999
Salt Lake to Chicago to Dulles to Brussels to Kinshasa to Brussels to Bucharest to Zurich to Ljubljana to Tirana to Vienna To Frankfurt to Chicago to Salt Lake.  Probably one of the busiest trips I ever took. By 2003, my passport had 3 extensions in it and looked like a paperback book. The security people always asked me a lot of questions about why I was traveling to these bizarre places, which also included Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Egypt, Spain. France, Italy, Malta, and a bunch of others along the way.

It was a great 10 years.

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Extracted from the Daily Beast, so you don't have to click through their insufferable slide show (with ads at every page, of course.)
Rest of the story beneath the cut. )
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Just got back from a trip to Rexburg, Idaho, where we went so that my stepdaughter Katie could attend the temple prior to leaving on an 18-month mission in Portland, Oregon.

The Rexburg temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

This is a gorgeous building, and I was honored to be there with her.

If you're interested in what temples are all about, I recommend this link.

You can't do a road trip without some good food along the way:

Mongolian BBQ in Idaho Falls

The only thing I would have changed was the drenching downpour with gale-force winds all day yesterday - the sun was shining warmly today, and that would have made the walking around BYU-Idaho campus so much more enjoyable. But we takes what we can gets.

Katie after the temple visit.

That smile would have made a hurricane worthwhile!

I enjoyed my visit to the BYU-I Campus. I was able to see most of the buildings, enjoy their Tuesday devotional in an amazing convocation center that looks a lot inside like the LDS Conference Center,

see their geology museum,

Amethyst and Sulfur

visit with their library's delightful administrator, view a breathtaking exhibit of Bibles and biblical pages from the 14th century-onward, see a full-size replica of the Rosetta Stone,

(Saw - and touched - the original in the British Museum years ago)

and get a feel for the beauty and dignity of this wonderful educational institution.

Wonderful trip!
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The die is cast. The deed is done. The ticket is purchased I'm flying out to Richmond, Virginia on March 24th, to be with my beloved.

So I now have exactly two weeks to get my apartment cleaned out, cleaned up, tidy up loose ends here, do my taxes, file a 1023 form with the IRS, and maybe take care of one or two significant details depending on how the next couple of days go.

Met with my son's financial mastermind group for our weekly meeting, and they really held my feet to the fire about improving my financial position. I need to make some decisions, and I choose not to do that without SWOICDA (She Whose Opinion I Care Deeply About). So tomorrow, along with toting more things to my storage unit, I will do some spreadsheeting and consulting and deciding.

Got my van re-registered today. I expect that "the man" will leave me alone now.
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Road Trip!

I rarely mention mittens, or use names that start with 'X'. But having mentioned mittens, I must leave at once for other lands. (A large bowl of Haggis for those who catch the reference).

My youngest son and I will be leaving Friday to drive from Salt Lake to New York via I-80/90, with a dip down to Gettysburg for some Civil War tourism along the way. It's been four years since he and I have been able to do a road trip together, and I'm looking forward to this one immensely.

I'll drop Michael off in NYC where he has friends, and then continue up to Portland, Maine to see a beloved aunt, and finally down the Eastern seaboard towards Gap Mills, West Virginia, where a 180-acre sheep farm demands my attention until Mid-June. I hope to be able to visit with many friends and relatives along the way also - but my presence on the net may be curtailed as they don't even have cell service up in them thar hills... dialup connection is painful, and the nearest hotspot is like 20 miles down the road

I'll report when I can. Email to my Gmail account will still be checked regularly.



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