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I've still been doing most of my blogging over at Playing in the World Game, but have left personal things ignored for too long over here.

We moved to Utah in 2010 to help my mother, who was in late-stage Alzheimer's. Had we known how late, things might have been different, but we ended up having her here with us for 8 months, and then she spent the last four months of her life or so in a tidy little rest home before passing just shy of 95 years old.

Since then, we've been waiting for the Payson temple to be completed, and the economy to recover a bit - both of which things have happened.

I've been in Utah for 47 years, and I think I'm quite ready for another adventure, to quote one of my favorite characters. My wife's mother is in her 80s and had some major heart work done last December; while it's essentially made a new woman out of her, it's time for us to be closer to her, just on general principles. So Maine, here we come. I'm not wild about the thoughts of humidity, but I grew up in NYC so one gets used to it. And I will be glad to be closer to my eastern relatives, although we're leaving almost all our family members in the west.

We've been packing things we want to keep, and shoveling things out the door that we don't; 4 yard sales and many trips to Savers and Deseret Industries later, we're starting to feel like the move is going to happen. We want to get across the country before the snow flies, so we're thinking maybe we can get out of here between the 2nd and the 9th of November.  The house is for sale, but we'll have to leave it empty and in the hands of an agent when we go. Perhaps one trip back for me will be necessary to get everything finalized, but we'll see how everything rolls.

We're living in the question.

As for how we feel at the moment?

Send us good energy.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

Date: 2015-10-18 02:05 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I wish for you two to find a cozy new den and good hunting grounds.


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