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Since it's opening 17 days ago, Avatar has grossed 1 billion dollars worldwide. Seventeen days.

According to CNN, Dark Knight took almost its entire theatrical run to do that.

I guess that shuts the hqiz out of any mealy-mouthed reviewer that didn't like the film.

And, that pretty much guarantees the next sequel. Booyah!

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Interesting article at Vanity Fair explores prices and benefits of this astonishing movie, with some interesting tidbits coming out as well:

1) Two more Avatar scripts are in the hopper
2) 2011 will see a 3D Jackson/Spielberg collaboration on Tintin et le Secret de la Licorne - Drool! - If anyone can do justice to Hergé's vision, it's this team.
3) It looks like many other films are considering re-release in 3D format, including Star Wars. I'd sure pay to see these with added depth.

We live in a fantastic age. If only we could bring as much success and creativity to our real-world social issues as we do to the world of fantasy...
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Let's cut to the chase: . If my rating system had 11 stars, this film would get the extra one.

I read no reviews for this film, went not to RottenTomatoes, sought no input from friends, as I wanted to have the experience untainted. And now that I've seen it, I know a few things.

  1. I want to learn Na'avi. Dr. Paul Frommer, the creator of the language, has said he's finalizing the first Na'avi manual for submission to Fox. I want it. Now. He has also, said he hopes that there will be prequel and sequel movies, so that he'll have to develop more language. With all my heart, I pray that he's right.
  2. What's right about this movie: Everything
  3. What's wrong about this movie: Nothing
  4. See it in 3D? Yes, oh holy Mogg, yes... YES!

Now this is just one man's humble opinion. I know for a fact that there are going to be reviewers out there who don't like the film, notably my own hometown paper's Jeff Vice1, who pans just about everything I've ever enjoyed. At least he's a good bellwether for me... if he says turn right, I turn left. There will be people who find flaws in the film, on this or that creative or literary or artistic or technological merit. Screw'em.

Here there be spoilers. Go no farther if you want to remain untainted. )

Overall Rating: 10 out of 10 stars.

1When I wrote this review, I had a brainfreeze and mistakenly mentioned Chris Hicks, whose reviews I actually found balanced and accurate - huge apologies, Mr. Hicks!
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It appears that the world premiere of "Avatar" in London has been a smashing success. Naturally we won't know how this plays in Peoria until next week, but it bodes well that the noise from the UK has been so favorable.

Drooling on my keyboard as I type this...


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