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Casu marzu. God bless the Sardinians for their rock-solid balls, but this is one local treat I will pass on. Forever.
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Wandering around the back alleys of the internet (having just this evening dined at a first-class restaurant, review to come) looking for something food-related, I happened across this excoriating review of Langan's Brasserie in London. It was notable not for the restaurant, which apparently had seen much better days, but for its delightful essay and rich language. I present it here for your gratuitous enjoyment.

Langan's Brasserie Review
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Mogg's teeth! I fed far too well today. We picked up my sweetheart's daughter at the airport today, and stopped at Xenia Grill for lunch. Falafel, whole-wheat pita that melts in your mouth, hummus, and more pita bread.

Had I only known. In the evening, ToniAnne's mom invited us all to go to the Texas Roadhouse, where I feasted on pulled pork, a very nice house salad, and fresh veggies, plus sweet rolls and honey butter - this time I had the good sense to bring some of it home, so I wouldn't feel like exploding all night.

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Probably not... because there are days when I eat like that anwyay!
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1) If it hadn't already been done, I would seriously consider "Squat 'n' Gobble".

2) "Offal Cookin'" might attract a certain clientele... but somehow I don't think it would fly.

3) This is on the right track, but probably a bit too long for the marquee:

Seriously, though. A restaurant that offered up no fixed menu, but rather daily specials of good cooking from around the world: , Clatite cu ciocolata, Shneezhanka, Polenta, Vetkoek, Chicken Moamba, Fufu, Fregola Cozze e Vongole, Brindamour cheese, oh by Mogg's silken breast I'm getting hungry... And the occasional oddity if people wanted to try it. Like Haggis. Or Lutefisk. I might call it "The Whole Earth Kitchen."
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Menudo! Delicioius, robust, hearty and filling.

*Satisfied Belch*

Went to the dentist today to have a loose crown re-glued, and on the way back I noticed that what once was an Alpha Beta and then sat vacant for years, has become a Mexican Bazaar. One part is a fairly large Tienda de Abarrotes, where I snagged the Menudo, some hominy, frijoles negros and some seafood - the rest has been converted into a multitude of stalls selling everything and anything, with a Mexican food court tucked away in the back.

I hunted for huitlacoche but came up empty... good thing I stocked up last time I was in Escondido. Still, it was a nice find, because they have all sorts of stuff that I can't usually find here.

¡Viva Mexico!
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The old stand-by: Steel-cut oats with honey, and some 9-grain toast. Half a grapefruit when they're big and in season, and I feel like taking the time to prepare one.

Alternate yummies: grits with butter; raisin bran; raw oatmeal with raisins; Life cereal.

I won't turn up my nose at fried eggs, or scrambled eggs, or coddled eggs, or bacon or ham or sausages or broiled tomatoes or geitost, or potato pancakes with applesauce or tomatensild or edam or jarlsberg or... well, usually only get that in a hotel.

I think my favorite is a very nice Japanese breakfast of broiled fish, tskukemono, natto, rice and umeboshi.


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